Violin, Viola, Cello

Ages 6 through adult

Whether you are a beginner or a string player who took time off and would like to start playing again,
we have a plan for you!

To schedule a lesson, call 814.444.6996 or e-mail
  1. What will I learn at my lesson?
    Each lesson is individualized to meet the needs of each student. You will learn note reading, technique, and music theory. With these skills, you will be able to not only play the music in your lesson book, but your favorite music too. Music games and puzzles are incorporated into your lesson as well.
  2. What styles of music are taught?
    While young students tend to enjoy music from their favorite movies and TV shows and adults gravitate to the music they listened to as teens, there is something for everyone. From classical, rock, hymns, and country; you will use your skills to play your favorite tunes and learn new music.
  3. Is the teacher qualified?
    Our teachers have either college training or professional performance experience. In addition to their teaching credentials, our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you the style of music that you want to learn.
  4. Can I play in a recital?
    Yes! One of the goals of a musician is to play for other people. Although recital performance is encouraged, it is an optional event. You will select the music you will play and have the option of performing with the instructor, with other students, or solo.
  5. What else can I learn?
    Advanced students and students who have a strong interest in music have the opportunity to learn basic song writing and music notation.
  6. How do I sign up?
    Lesson are by appointment on a first come, first serve basis. Call 814.444.6996 or e-mail at to schedule your lesson. $16.50 per 30 minute, private lesson held once a week.