Drums, Marimba, Bagpipe

Ages 8 through adult

Whether you are a beginner or a drummer who took time off and would like to start playing again,
we have a plan for you!

To schedule a lesson, call 814.444.6996 or e-mail info@somersetmusicacademy.com
  1. What will I learn at my lesson?
    Be prepared to learn rudiments and sight reading skills along with practice techniques that strengthen memorization. Learn how to improve dexterity, coordination, and have control over your instrument.
  2. What styles of music are taught?
    Music is the universal language. So, no style should be discounted when pertaining to the true classification of music aesthetics. But, you can be sure to find Funk, Fusion, Irish/Scottish, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Folk, and World Music, just to name a few.
  3. Is the teacher qualified?
    Our teachers have either college training or professional performance experience. Experience Drum Sergeant with HDPD. Taught numerous large high school bands. (100 or more students). Orff Certified Level II
  4. Can I play in a recital?
    Yes! One of the goals of a musician is to play for other people. Recitals will be scheduled accordingly.
  5. What else can I learn?
    Those who practice may be invited to perform with the Marimba Band. Open Auditions will be held monthly.
  6. How do I sign up?
    Lesson are by appointment on a first come, first serve basis. Call 814.444.6996 or e-mail at info@themusicroomofsomerset.com to schedule your lesson. $16.50 per 30 minute, private lesson held once a week.